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Jarrett Plays The Long Game

In 2002, Jeff Jarrett, his father Jerry Jarrett and longtime friend Bob Ryder all decided to launch a new wrestling promotion after the demise of World Championship Wrestling.  They approached the National Wrestling Alliance to use their name and soon NWA:TNA was born.  They produced two hour weekly pay per view shows but these were not actively promoted by the PPV providers.  Shortly after this, money began to become an issue and Dixie Carter stepped in.

Is The Superhero Market Over Saturated?

There’s a whole list of superheroes not mentioned in that list which has either had television shows or movies made about them.  Marvel and DC are in full swing with their movies and that doesn’t include superheroes appearing in their own movies.  Marvel is a great example of this as characters frequently cross over movies before joining up in The Avengers films.  DC even had Superman and Batman appearing in the same movie.