In 2006 I began as a place to post what was going on in my life.  It has been relaunched many times over the past 11 years that I have kept some of the old content that you can view today!


Gaming Heaven #2

So there are my last 5 played game this week. Of course in between that I got to test out Call of Duty: World at War BETA in which the online mode is nothing short of a modded CoD4 online mode. I’m not impressed by it, but will be getting it for campaign as that looks good! I also tried the demo for Tom Clancy’s End War and after hyping this up to myself, I was disappointed. The voice commands are pretty cool and work well. So tom Clancy is no longer I game I will buy.

Gaming Heaven #1

Sitting in recently played 5th place is Brain Challenge™. This game is basically the same as Brain Training for DS. You solve simple questions and it works out how good you are at certain puzzles, how your brian works and lots of other stuff. Apparantly my brain level is 5%…probably true lol. Anyway the game also has kids tests and stress tests and boasts a lot of charts and feature. A great game to keep your memory in good shape!

TNA Invades Liverpool

No, not Tits ‘N’ Arse…it’s Total NonStop Action Wrestling and yesterday they began the first show on their 4-day UK Tour.  The crowd was super hot all night long and it was exciting that they were filimg this for SpikeTV, Bravo and YouTube. so without further a-do, here was the card….

Week In Review: 6th – 13th Jan ‘08

Sunday started in work doing 10-4 carrying on with the rebin. I work at Argos and for those of you who shop and work there know a new catalogue comes out every six months and every six months, the stockroom goes through a transformation. We have to move all the old catalogue stuff out of the way and make room for the new stuff. It’s a complicated process. We stock thousands of items, so you can imagine moving and locating them all. It may be a hard job, but it makes my life easier when the catalogue comes out. So for 12 days, we have been working on it and now all that’s left are little bits and bobs for the catalogue launch on Saturday!