Bejing Showdown

Let me tell you that a Banquet for 8 serves about 12 people. Don’t let them con you into paying more! LOL. 4 rounds of food. First came the Chicken & Sweetcorn soup which was delicious. Then we got a huge plate full of sping rolls, seeweed, some pork meat and BBQ ribs. After that everyone on our table was full except for the ‘Eating Machine’ aka Tom! Then we got the main dishes which were rice, sweet and sour chicken, chicken curry and loads of other stuff. I nearly couldn’t move afterwards. It probably didn’t help that I feel like shit and had a sore throat. LOL! Bill came to £115 and Argos were kind enough to pay £24 of it. £11 each it worked out…not bad for the food we got, but a lot was wasted. Then we went of to Old Mill and stayed their for a few hours before I came home. Couldn’t be arsed with St. Helens LOL!!!!