Gaming Heaven #1

From now on this will be a weekly thing that I’ll post about the last 5 games I’ve played and some of the games I’m looking forward to in the coming months. So let’s crack on….

Sitting in recently played 5th place is Brain Challenge™. This game is basically the same as Brain Training for DS. You solve simple questions and it works out how good you are at certain puzzles, how your brian works and lots of other stuff. Apparantly my brain level is 5%…probably true lol. Anyway the game also has kids tests and stress tests and boasts a lot of charts and feature. A great game to keep your memory in good shape!

Halo 3 is sitting in 4th place and the game never really leaves my Top 5. It’s on the verge but I may just pop it in 2 more times, for 50 days played band on 360voice. The new achievements haven’t really done anything for me. Since I finished up the videos, I haven’t done much else with it. i played a few social games, but now the game joins the resst of the pile of unplayed souls. lol

Coming in at third is Fuzion Frenzy 2, which I finished all offline achievements for. I finished this game with 675/1000. The game has an online mode but no-one’s on it so could get those achievements….shame, could have had another completed game…oh well!

Number 2 this week is Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I basically you use this game when maintaing streak and forgot to game. It saves my bacon! lol

And 1st place goes to a brand new game in WALL•E. I nice easy game. I currently have 450/1000 in it and now its basically going back through it, collecting some hidden Toy Story items (Both mad eby Pixar) and finishing levels without dying. So I may keep it for another week and then sent it back, but for now it’s number 1!

So now I’ve posted what I’ve played, here’s a game I’m looking forward to more than any other…Tom Clancy’s End War. The RTS game with its voice commands looks awesome and I can see me playing this for hours. It’ll probably be #1 for a long time lol. I’m also looking forward to Call of Duty: World at War. I know its made by Treyarch who made this sub-par CoD3, but I’m willing to give them another chance to impress me and with them building upon CoD4 engine, I am hoping for big things!