Gaming Heaven #2

Here we are one week later and lets take a look if the games list has changed much. This will not include BETA or Demo’s, but I’ll include them at the end including games still looking forward to.

So coming in at Number 5 is Fuzion Frenzy 2. I haven’t played this since last week, but it still remains on the list as I haven’t played different games to remove it.

4th place belongs to WALL•E which came first last week. Once again this is another game that still remains due to not playing many others.

3rd place goes to Sonic The Hedgehog 2 which is the game I tend to use for Streak Saving at if I forget to game! LOL. Sonic is a great game, but all I do now is play first act and see how fast I can go. I think 30 seconds is my best time. 🙂

NEW GAME! Well it’s not new as it was out in 2005, but its new to my Xbox gamercard and it’s NBA LIVE 06. 1 achievement is unobtainable due to EA shutting down ‘06 servers, but I’ve managed to unlock 595/1000 by simming the season mode. It’s probably the most I’ll get out of the game, but it takes the completition above 50% which was what I aimed for.

At 360voice this is my most played game at 49 days, but I want 50 day banner, so for the next 2 days it’ll be popped in just for the badge. I went through a spell of being a Halo freak, but that quickly died after videos stopped. If I buy a Dazzle recorder, I may restart them.

So there are my last 5 played game this week. Of course in between that I got to test out Call of Duty: World at War BETA in which the online mode is nothing short of a modded CoD4 online mode. I’m not impressed by it, but will be getting it for campaign as that looks good! I also tried the demo for Tom Clancy’s End War and after hyping this up to myself, I was disappointed. The voice commands are pretty cool and work well. So tom Clancy is no longer I game I will buy.

The only game I’m looking forward to is Fable II. Look out for it on my gamercard soon….