Lost Season 4 Ends…

And this was supposed to be the season that answered the questions we had, but instead it opened up a whole new can of worms. We still don’t know what the Black smoke is and how Ben controlled it, what happened to island, what’s with Mr. whittmore reclaiming HIS island back, who is Jacob and how Locke ended up in a coffin back in the normal world shall we call it.

I don’t know if anyone seen it, but after Lost had finished, they had a show on to answer the questions, but they wouldn’t say anything so was a bit of a shit show, but what I did see was a screen of Ben landing on a desert island it looked like. It could have been sand from beach, but it looked like a desert. We know Ben is alive and back in the normal world as he sees Jack looking at Locke in the coffin and tells them that all 7 of them are needed to get back to island.

I just hope that through the next two series we get a lot of answers, because apparantly there more to Mr. whittmore and Island in season 5. I’m just hoping that by the end of whole show, they have filled in all the answers!