Week In Review: 6th – 13th Jan ‘08

So it’s my first week in review. Each week I’ll talk about stuff that’s happened this week and stuff. It will include all sorts of stuff so sit back and enjoy the read!

Sunday started in work doing 10-4 carrying on with the rebin. I work at Argos and for those of you who shop and work there know a new catalogue comes out every six months and every six months, the stockroom goes through a transformation. We have to move all the old catalogue stuff out of the way and make room for the new stuff. It’s a complicated process. We stock thousands of items, so you can imagine moving and locating them all. It may be a hard job, but it makes my life easier when the catalogue comes out. So for 12 days, we have been working on it and now all that’s left are little bits and bobs for the catalogue launch on Saturday!

I sold my car yesterday to one of the managers at my work and just it not to start when he looks at it! Anyway it did work, traded £650 cash (don’t try and rob me!) and I bet at this point, you’re thinking, ‘if he sold his car, what is he driving?’ Well I’m driving a Bugatti Veron Ford fiesta on an 03 Plate. It has full elects. Electric Windows, Electric Doors Mirrors, Hated Windscreen, Heated Door Mirrors, Heated Rear Window, radio controlls on steering wheel and much more. But with the £650 I got, I need to spend that on new wiper blades, 2 new tyres for my Alloys which will replace steel wheels and a set of car mats. The rest is going in the back as a build up to pay my £4,000 loan!

so as you can see not much happened last week. There may be something important I’m missing but I can’t think right now. I’ll get some pics up of my car later today or tomorrow!