In 2002, Jeff Jarrett, his father Jerry Jarrett and longtime friend Bob Ryder all decided to launch a new wrestling promotion after the demise of World Championship Wrestling.  They approached the National Wrestling Alliance to use their name and soon NWA:TNA was born.  They produced two hour weekly pay per view shows but these were not actively promoted by the PPV providers.  Shortly after this, money began to become an issue and Dixie Carter stepped in.   In exchanged for some cash she gained some shares in the company.  She would later go on to own 100% of the company.  NWA:TNA then got a weekly TV show on Fox Sports before moving to Spike TV and then POP.  The last few years for the company had become a train wreck.  Panda Energy, the company owned by Dixie’s parents failed to pump more money into TNA and it was now on it’s own.  Billy Corgan invested into the business which ended up going to court over a failure to repay money.  After this Anthem stepped in.  They paid Billy Corgan back in full plus interest and took ALL of Dixie’s shares making them 100% owner of TNA Wrestling.

Anthem would later go on to rebrand TNA to Impact Wrestling and began their new era insulting the previous regime and previous setup.  This appeared to be their downfall after the in-ring content took a nose dive.  This was of course down to no fault of the wrestlers but of the strategic booking.  The X-Division was once again made a highlight but this wasn’t the X-Division of 2002, this was the X-Division of 2017 were it became a spot fest with every wrestler hitting their finishing manoeuvre one after each other.  Every X-Division match was booked the same.  Anthem and Ed Nordholm who is running TNA bought in Jeff Jarrett to oversee creative and give his thoughts and opinions on the product.  Anthem would later go on to say they acquired Global Force Wrestling from Jeff Jarrett.  After this GFW talent including GFW Championships appeared on Impact.  This was no invasion angle and just two companies appearing on one show.

A few days ago while hyping Slammiversary 15, Anthem announced that TNA/Impact Wrestling needed a fresh start and would be rebranded to Global Force Wrestling and there would be NEW GFW Championships.  Jeff Jarrett started GFW with a lot of fan fare but this died after two years of nothing happening.  Jarrett ran his promotion in a few baseball stadiums and recorded some footage for a TV show but no network would pick this up.  While GFW never really became a fully fledged wrestling promotion, with Impact Wrestling being rebranded to Global Force Wrestling and Jeff sat in 2nd place in the company, he has very much played the long game and now has his GFW company sitting in the #2 slot.

But as we saw with TNA to Impacting Wrestling, will the change to Global Force Wrestling really be any different or will be see same format, same poor booking but new championship belts?  Either way Jeff must be loving life right now!