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Disclaimer: Any photos posted within this post belong to Belmont Tyres unless otherwise stated. I will not post photographs of my own as I will not publicise pictures in case they show colleagues and/or customers. This trip is based on a car retail trip on 28th January 2020 and depicts the service and standards on that day and does not represent how the service is run daily. This is just a snapshot in time.

So just to set the scene before we begin. I have 4 x Pirelli P7’s on my BMW 1 Series, all of which were brand new from Belmont Tyres 7 months earlier. Given the state of the UK roads, it was no surprise when I discovered a had a slow puncture. Every week I have having to inflate the tyre.

This morning (28/1/20), I messaged Belmont Tyres on Facebook with…

Hi. Do you have 225/45/r17 in a runflat for my BMW 1 Series Rear passenger has slow puncture. What’s price difference in part worn to new? I think new was £101.94 when i got them 7 months ago from you. Thanks Phil

Within minutes I received a response saying they had a brand new tyre in stock which would be £80. Not bad I thought for a new tyre since others cost me £102 each. So I headed on up. Normally there is a queue waiting to get in but today I was lucky and there was space to drive in.

Upon driving in a member of the team came over to enquire what bought me in. I informed them of the issue and they said that would inspect the tyre and may be able to fix it. Upon removing the tyre, the guy saw there was a screw in it. After enquiring with the rest of the team and with the owner Mick, the tyre was deemed as repairable which would save me a lot of money, £65 in fact.

The job was done quickly and efficiently and was back on the road in 10-15 minutes. Another solid job all round. This is now my 3rd visit here and as always, a great service..

Overall Rating: 10/10

Areas for Improvement:


Phil Canavan